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Squirrel Control

Do you have Squirrels in your Loft or Garden?

If so, call Marvel Pest Control today

01727 601 007

Squirrel Control, by Marvel. We provide the Best, Affordable, 24hr Squirrel Control Services in London & Hertfordshire.

Our Emergency Squirrel Service is second to none, our Rapid Response Squirrel Exterminator Specialist will be with you within 2hrs of your call.


Identify a Squirrel problem

You will usually hear squirrels in roof spaces in the early evening or early morning.  You may see signs of the damage they leave behind in your loft space or to fascia's and soffits around the lower roof line of your property. If you or anyone else sees disturbance to loft insulation or damage to electrical cables, then contact us immediately. a qualified electrician will need to be contacted to assess and repair the damage.

We can provide a registered Qualified NICEID electrician if required.

Problems caused by Squirrel

Grey squirrels are found in Hertfordshire and London and are well known as a destructive pest, frequently entering roof spaces. When they get inside a property they will chew woodwork, strip away insulation from electrical wiring, damage water pipes and occasionally drown themselves in water tanks.


Emergency squirrel exterminator, within 2 hours of your call


Various squirrel trapping treatments designed for your situation

our guarantee

3 month guarantee on all internal squirrel control treatments

If you require a Squirrel Removal Service,

Call us now: 01727 601 007 or email us at

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