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A beautiful Common Carpet Moth, Epirrhoe

Moth Control Services

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Moth Control, by Marvel. We provide the Best, Affordable, 24hr Moth Control Services in London & Hertfordshire.

Our Emergency Moth Service is second to none, our Rapid Response Moth Exterminator Specialist will be with you within 2hrs of your call.


The clothing moth is a species of Moths from the Tineidae moth family. The caterpillar (larva) of this moth is recognized as a serious pest. It can derive nourishment not only from clothing – in particular wool – and also, like most moth caterpillars, from many other sources.

How do you know if you have moths?

The clothes moth is a significant pest, the larvae feeding on a wide variety of material of animal origin such woollens, angora, cashmere and furs. Damage from larvae feeding can be severe and the larvae are often difficult to detect as they shun the light. Outdoors, adults are on the wing from May to September. Indoors, adults are found all year round.

In domestic properties obvious signs of infestation are damage to clothes and carpets especially around the edges.

How to get rid of moths?

A thorough inspection should be made to determine the extent and source of the infestation. 

Treatment for moths is detailed and complex.

Our initial treatment consists of an extreme heat treatment to the effected areas.

Before the treatment commences the residents are asked to vacate the premises and cannot return until advised by our extreme heat technicians.

Rooms are gradually super-heated using special mobile convection heaters. Hot air is then circulated around the effected rooms with powerful fans. This enables the heat to penetrate all the hard-to-reach places moths like to harbour. Wireless WIFI sensors are placed in the most effected areas to ensure the heat penetrates fully. These are linked to our tablet/laptop so that we can monitor the treatment from outside and be certain all parts of the room have reached the required temperature for the required amount of time.

eradicating moths with heat treatment is also an eco-friendly approach. Rooms can be habitable again within a few hours following a treatment.

Heat treatments for moths are completed and the property habitable again within a single day. The length of time (and price) of the moth heat treatment will depend on how many rooms there are to be treated and the size of the property. 

Please be aware, the rooms do get very hot and it is advisable that you vacate the property while the treatment is being carried out.

You will be kept informed throughout the day via text message/video message and we will call you 1 hour before the treatment is complete so that we can discuss with you how the treatment went and if any further recommendations are required.

At Marvel Pest Control, we are so confident in our Moth Heat Treatments that we are able to offer a 6month guarantee for residential customers. Subject to the preparation being carried out to a satisfactory standard (see below), and the advised number of rooms are treated, if live moths are found within the guarantee period, we will return and treat the property again Free of charge.

Click here to view our Heat Treatment Preparation Page

Please note that before any treatment commences, the property has to be prepared for treatment and full instructions are given at the time of booking.


Emergency Moth exterminator, within 2 hours of your call


Insecticidal Spray treatments or the more effective Moth Heat Treatment designed for your situation

our guarantee

3-6 month guarantee on internal moth control treatments

If you have any specific questions or concerns regarding Moths,

please call 01727 601 007 and speak to our

Moth Heat Treatment Specialist Team

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