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Important Information: Preparation


To ensure a Safe and Effective Bed Bug | Moth or Cockroach Heat treatment, you must follow the below guidelines required by (you the customer). 

Thorough preparation and attention to the below guidelines will achieve a better result at the end.


Prior to Marvel’s Heat Treatments:


Expensive High powered fans and heaters are used during this process; loose papers and other light weight items MUST be secured or weighted down. Vacuum or sweep up dust, human/pet hair as they are hazardous to our Technicians and can also damage our Equipment.

Heat sensitive items should be bagged and removed from the infested area.

These are:

 X Permanently dispose of all rubbish and unwanted items before treatment commences.

 Remove and place all prescription/over the counter medications/drugs into a refrigerator.

 Cosmetics - makeup, perfumes, deodorants. 

 Candles - Remove all and store in a cool place.

 Remove all pressurised items – lighters, hairspray, anti-perspirants/deodorants, etc.

 Remove all flammables – perfumes, alcohols, solvents, fuel, lighters, etc.

 Valuable/Irreplaceable items will be inspected and determined as to whether they should remain in the treatment area. If they cannot remain, fear not, these can be treated separately outside the property using our portable Cimex Heat Machines. Our portable Cimex machines are perfect for smaller, more delicate items and are often used on luggage items when returning from abroad (suitcases, clothes and souvenirs.

 Do not remove anything from the treatment area unless these are to be permanently removed. These must be bagged/sealed and removed immediately from site.

 Remove batteries from anything battery operated, remote controls, toys etc even laptop batteries.

 Furniture and clutter must be pulled away from walls to at least 8-12 inches.

 Unplug all electronics except major appliances

 Any items such as (clothing, shoes, bags, valuables) taken out with occupants on the day off heat treatment must be thoroughly inspected and/or sanitised before being reintroduced to the treated areas. This can be done using our portable Cimex machines which are perfect for smaller, more delicate items.

 Permanently dispose of all rubbish and unwanted items before treatment. 

 Any wall hung paintings, photos and posters that may blow down should be taken down and laid flat. Any oil based paintings must be removed as they will get damaged by the heat treatment temperature.Take down, disinfect and remove vinyl or faux wood blinds which have a low heat tolerance.

 You must bag up all clothing preferably in bin liners, discard these liners into a external refuse bin immediately, then wash and or tumble dry clothing at 60°C or more. Make sure that once the cloth has been washed, place them in New bin liners and do not bring back until the treatment has been carried out



Bed Bugs will often seek shelter within or under piles of clothing, power sockets, wall paper joins, skirting boards Clothes should either be hung up or spread out before the heat treatment commences. Wash bedding and washable items at high temperatures of 60 degrees followed with a high temperature dry cycle. Expensive woollen items such as Cashmere must be dry cleaned at the customers expense. These must be bagged and sealed on removal with the bag then disposed of and a clean bag used on return. After drying, remove and immediately place the clothing in a large bin liner then sealing it. Open all drawers and unpack any overlay packed areas. 



Thermal blankets/screens will be attached over interior doors/windows and stair wells to keep as much heat in the infected area as possible and to limit bed bug/moth harbouring and to improve the treatments effectiveness. These will be attached using staples/nails and will leave minimal damage to door and window frames. It is the customers responsibility to remove/dispose off and carry out any repairs following the treatment at the customers expense.



You will be required to sign a disclaimer to say, if any items are damaged during the course of our treatment, Marvel Pest Control will not be held responsible so long as you follow our guidelines.

Furniture items will be moved and in most cases dismantled such as beds, chester-drawers


Air flow is vital for us to carry out an Effective Heat Treatment, over-packed wardrobes, Chester Drawers, bedside tables, Office desks  and rooms may not be able to be treated properly! You will be made aware of this before our treatment commences.


During the course of the treatment, our technicians will keep you updated via text/video messages on our progress and notify you 1 hour before treatment is complete so that we can show you around the previously infested areas and discuss future prevention.


IMPORTANT: Help us, and we’ll help you.

If you have any specific questions or concerns regarding our heat treatments,

please call 01727 601 007 and speak to our Bed Bug Heat Treatment Experts 

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