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100% Same Day, Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs, Guaranteed for 6 Months

Bed Bug Heat Treatment, By Marvel


Over the years, many insects have developed a very strong resistance to chemical insecticides, namely Bed Bugs.

This has lead Pest Control companies to treat with heat rather than insecticidal sprays. 

Insects, just like us, are made up of proteins. Even enzymes are proteins and the nature of that protein, and its DNA determines its place and function in the body.

When a cell is heated up to around 45°C or more, that DNA starts to break down and so the cell ceases to function as it should.

Laboratory studies found, you will see all sorts of claims for percentage kill rates of various species of insect for various times and temperatures. But to deliver full control, you need a target temperature of 45°C (113°F). for two-hours or 52°C for one-hour. This needs to be on the insect and not just in the room or environment being treated.

Rooms in the property are gradually super-heated to around 140℉ using either heat exchange diesel convection heaters(as seen in above picture) or 3-phase 415v 18kW electric heaters.. Hot air is then circulated around the effected rooms with powerful fans. This enables the heat to penetrate all the hard-to-reach places like cracks and crevices where the bugs like to harbour. Wireless sensors are placed in the most effected areas to ensure the heat penetrates fully. These are linked to our tablet/laptop so that we can monitor the treatment from outside and be certain all parts of the room have reached the required temperature for the required amount of time. 

We also use FLIR Thermal Imaging cameras that provide us with instant temperature readings and also highlights cold spots to be targeted.

Bed Bugs are one of the hardest pests to get rid of

They can hide in the tiniest gaps, only coming out at night to feed when you are asleep as they are attracted to your breath. They have developed very strong resistance to chemical insecticides. Bed bug heat treatment kills by denaturing the proteins and enzymes essential for the insect to survive. Heat treatment is the best way to tackle a bed bug infestation because they have no way of building up resistance to heat, which kills the bugs in all their stages, including vitally, the eggs. Eradicating bed bugs and moths with heat treatment is also an eco-friendly approach. Rooms can be habitable again within a few hours following a treatment.

Heat treatments for bed bugs are completed and the property habitable again within a single day. The length of time (and price) of the heat treatment will depend on how many rooms there are to be treated and the size of the property. 

In the case of Bed Bugs, sometimes its better to treat the entire property rather than just the room as Bed Bugs are the greatest Hitchhickers. 

Please be aware, the rooms do get very hot and it is advisable that you vacate the property while the treatment is being carried out.

At Marvel Pest Control, we are so confident in our heat treatments that we are able to offer a 6month guarantee for residential customers. Subject to the preparation being carried out to a satisfactory standard (see below), and the advised number of rooms are treated, if live bed bugs or moths are found within the guarantee period, we will return and treat the property again Free of charge.


Bed Bugs will often seek shelter within or under piles of clothing, power sockets, wall paper joins, skirting boards Clothes should either be hung up or spread out before the heat treatment commences. Wash bedding and washable items at high temperatures of 60 degrees followed with a high temperature dry cycle. Expensive woollen items such as Cashmere must be dry cleaned at the customers expense. These must be bagged and sealed on removal with the bag then disposed of and a clean bag used on return. After drying, remove and immediately place the clothing in a large bin liner then sealing it. Open all drawers and unpack any overlay packed areas. 


Our Preparation

Thermal blankets/screens will be attached over interior doors/windows and stair wells to keep as much heat in the infected area as possible and to limit bed bug/moth harbouring and to improve the treatments effectiveness. These will be attached using staples/nails and will leave minimal damage to door and window frames. It is the customers responsibility to remove/dispose off and carry out any repairs following the treatment at the customers expense.

Click on the link below to our preparation page.

Heat Treatment Preparation Page



You will be required to sign a disclaimer to say, if any items are damaged during the course of our treatment,

Marvel Pest Control Ltd will not be held responsible so long as you follow our guidelines.

Furniture items will be moved and in most cases dismantled such as beds, chesterdrawers


Air flow is vital for us to carry out an Effective Heat Treatment, over-packed wardrobes, Chester Drawers, bedside tables, Office desks  and rooms may not be able to be treated properly! You will be made aware of this before our treatment commences.


During the course of the treatment, our technicians will keep you updated via text/photo/video messages on our progress and notify you 1 hour before treatment is complete so that we can show you around the previously infested areas and discuss future prevention.

Please be aware: Following Our Heat Treatments, your home will be turned upside/down and a lot of work will still be required by you to get back to normality.


IMPORTANT: Help us, and We’ll help you.

If you have any specific questions or concerns,

please call 0203 600 0543 and speak to our

Bed Bug Heat Treatment Experts 

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